preparing to care for your family after death

preparing to care for your family after death

Four Ways A 1035 Exchange Can Improve Your Finances

by Carl Moore

If you're trying to decide whether 1035 exchange life insurance is a good financial move for you, you need to be aware of all of the potential benefits. 

Switching your life insurance provider while taking advantage of 1035 exchange regulations can provide numerous benefits. The following are four of the most common and useful financial advantages of this life insurance practice:

Increasing the amount of money you can "put down" on a new life insurance policy

Any large purchase in life is typically made in increments. However, the amount of money you come up with initially when you make the purchase generally has a huge influence on how financially advantageous the purchase will be.

When you switch over to new life insurance with a 1035 exchange, you can improve your situation after having initially purchased life insurance without much money down. With your life insurance replacement, you can come up with more money upfront and therefore enjoy better terms from your new insurance provider. These better terms could include faster interest accumulation, a larger death benefit, and lower monthly premiums. 

Enjoying more affordable life insurance thanks to an improved health rating

Those who initially purchased life insurance when they had some health problems are especially likely to benefit from 1035 exchange life insurance. When your health is compromised, life insurance providers figure that you won't be living as long and making premium payments as long. Therefore, they don't offer as high a death benefit. 

Switching over to another policy with a 1035 exchange after significant health improvements will probably allow you to start over with more generous policy terms. 

Taking advantage of lower premiums

With a 1035 Exchange, you can get out of excessively high monthly premiums that are creating a financial burden without being subject to tax consequences when you cash in the initial policy.

You can simply cash in the initial policy and transfer your funds to a new policy with a lower premium without having to pay taxes on the money you're getting from the initial policy. 

Switch over to a more reliable insurance carrier

Perhaps you opened up a life insurance policy a few years back with a company that is struggling financially. If this is the case, you really want to get out of that life insurance policy and switch over to a carrier that is going strong financially. Otherwise, your own financial future- and the financial future of your family- will be put in jeopardy. 


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preparing to care for your family after death

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