preparing to care for your family after death

preparing to care for your family after death

  • Stay-At-Home Parents ~ Protect The Quality Of Your Family's Life By Ensuring You Have Enough Life Insurance

    Are you a stay-at-home parent? If so, you likely perform a number of tasks to keep your household smoothly running. You and your partner have likely discussed life insurance at some point, but you may have focused solely on what the loss of your partner's income would mean for your family. This may mean that your partner has sufficient life insurance to take care of you and the children in the event of their untimely death.

  • Don't Overlook The Benefits Of An Indexed Universal Life Insurance Policy

    Indexed universal life insurance policies sometimes get a bad rep, unfairly, with a lack of knowledge being a constant culprit. The reality is that these types of polices can be helpful in a number of important ways, including tax benefits and faster growth. If you're on the fence about purchasing an indexed life insurance policy, don't let a myth deter you. Make sure you know the benefits this type of policy offers.

  • Four Ways A 1035 Exchange Can Improve Your Finances

    If you're trying to decide whether 1035 exchange life insurance is a good financial move for you, you need to be aware of all of the potential benefits.  Switching your life insurance provider while taking advantage of 1035 exchange regulations can provide numerous benefits. The following are four of the most common and useful financial advantages of this life insurance practice: Increasing the amount of money you can "put down" on a new life insurance policy

  • 3 Reasons You Should Always Carry Life Insurance

    Life insurance is incredibly important for every individual. Without life insurance, you could leave your family in a terrible position if something were to happen to you. Generally life insurance is pretty affordable, which is why there is no reason not to risk it. Here are some reasons that every adult should have life insurance. 1. Funeral Expenses Have you ever thought of who would pay for your funeral expenses if you were to pass away?

  • 2 Ways Hypnotherapy Can Help You

    Many people have turned to hypnosis to help them overcome a bad habit and regain control of their life. Beyond helping you to lose weight, stop smoking or stop cheating on your spouse, hypnotherapy can also help with the treatment of a number of physical issues. If you aren't sure whether hypnotherapy is going to work for you or not, consider some of the following things that it can help you with.

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    preparing to care for your family after death

    Have you done everything possible to prepare for your family after you pass away? So many of us think that there is always more time to take out a life insurance policy or think that we cannot afford one. What we fail to remember is that there may not be a tomorrow. If you were to pass away today in a tragic accident, would your family be able to survive? Would your family be able to continue living in your home? I started working on this blog after I went to a friend's funeral. It was that moment that I realized that I wasn't ready for death and that if it was to happen at that time, my family would struggle to survive.